I’ll admit – I’m hard on manure forks

Everybody has talents. One of mine happens to be destroying manure forks. I have broken numerous forks throughout my years of horse ownership…most of them only last a couple months under my care. Part of the problem is that [...]

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Hay Feeding Tips for When the Temperature Plummets

Brrrr...It's been down right chilly up here in Minnesota lately! With temperatures plummeting below 0° Fahrenheit, I've been making sure that the horses get the fuel they need to stay warm. When it gets below freezing, horses need extra [...]

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8 Tips for Creating Simple Horse Care Instructions

Although it's common for large stables to have in-depth horse care instructions, it is much less normal for home horsekeepers to keep a written set of directions for chores. However, having your daily horse care routine posted [...]

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