Can You Eat Cracked Eggs?

We all occasionally crack an egg or find already cracked eggs in the coop. But do those eggs have to go to waste?

Is it safe to eat cracked eggs?

First of all, I would NOT recommend eating cracked eggs from the grocery store. You don’t know when it cracked or where it’s been since then. Those eggs are goners.

But what about cracked eggs from your own backyard flock?

Well, it depends.

If an egg’s shell is cracked, but the inner membrane is intact and no egg white is oozing out, I go ahead and eat them. I’ve eaten a lot of minorly cracked eggs and have, so far, lived to tell the tale.

However, If I have a cracked egg and the inner membrane is broken and there is egg white oozing out, I DO NOT eat the egg. There is way too much of a chance that bacteria made its way into the egg, spoiling it and making it unsafe to eat.

Those eggs go to my dog, or get tossed out in the weeds.

Let’s say you have a cracked egg with the inner membrane intact that you’d like to eat…

Here Are a Few Tips for Eating Your Minorly Cracked Eggs:

Don’t Wash

If it’s too dirty to just brush off and stick in the carton, I recommend tossing it. Washing poses too much risk for bacteria to enter and contaminate the egg.


Even if you normally keep your eggs at room temp, you should refrigerate your cracks.


I stick my cracks in the carton we are currently taking eggs from. That way I know I’ll be using them within a day or two, I wouldn’t want to eat a crack that was many weeks (or months) old.

Go With Your Gut

If you don’t like the idea of eating your minorly cracked eggs, don’t. Especially if it’s spring and you have eggs coming out your ears, you really don’t need to keep the cracks. I am sure your dog or barn cats would LOVE to take them off your hands.

And I think it goes without saying, but don’t give away or sell cracked eggs…those are for personal consumption only.

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