How Long Do Farm Fresh Eggs Last?

After gathering, washing and refrigerating your fresh eggs, how long will they last?

(I’ll address unwashed, unrefrigerated farm fresh eggs on another day).

When it comes to determining how long your farm fresh eggs will stay good, let’s take a quick peak at the USDA Food Product Dating guide.

The USDA doesn’t regulate whether or not Sell-By dates are required on eggs, but they say store bought eggs should be good for 3-5 weeks after purchasing them.  

They state, “The “sell-by” date will usually expire during that length of time, but the eggs are perfectly safe to use.”

So, how is the sell-by date determined?

It varies state to state. But here in MN, the Minnesota Department of Agriculture requires that the freshness date on the eggs be within 30 days of the packaging.

Based on these time frames, if the sell by date is 4 weeks from packaging and the eggs are safe for 3-5 weeks after the sell by date…

your eggs should be good for at least 7-9 weeks from the time they are laid.

In fact, they’re probably good for a little longer than that since eggs from large commercialized farms are typically not packaged on the day they are laid.

I normally don’t have a problem eating up my inventory within that 7-9 week window.

If you have way too many eggs to eat, reach out to a couple friends or neighbors. I’m sure they’d love to take a few dozen off of your hands!

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