My Hen is Sick – What Am I Doing Wrong?!?

I recently had a friend get her first chickens. She was super excited to get started and was thrilled when all her little fluff balls arrived safe and sound.

However, within a couple weeks, she texted me concerned that something was wrong. One of her chickens was feeling a bit under the weather.

When something like this happens for the first time, many people assume they’re doing something drastically wrong. They worry that something’s off with feed or water or space or heat, etc.

They begin to question their whole management routine and rush to change a bunch of things just in case it caused the issue.

But often times, if only one chicken out of an entire flock is not feeling well, it’s just an isolated instance. Keep an eye on the sick bird, care for her, try to figure out what the problem is – but don’t stress about your daily chore routine or the rest of the flock.

Here’s the rule that I follow:

Don’t change what you’re doing for one bird.

If multiple chickens start having the same issue, it’s time to look into your management practices.

But more often than not, you’ll find it’s just an isolated instance and the rest of your hens will be just fine.

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