How 9 Subscribers Inspired Me to Jump In

ashley in the snow

Do you remember the one vlog I posted way back in July? It seems like forever ago! I uploaded the video on YouTube, embedded it on my blog and didn’t think much of it after that.

However, a few weeks ago, I was scrolling through my email and happened to notice a message from YouTube. It was one of those autogenerated messages letting me know that someone had subscribed to my YouTube channel.

My YouTube channel? Oh right, I had set it up when I uploaded the video back in July…

Of course, I immediately headed over to YouTube and discovered I had a whopping 9 subscribers! Plus, my video had over 250 views. Wow!

I know those numbers seem extremely miniscule, but those 9 subscribers showed me there are people interested in what I have to say on video.

I decided I’m not going to leave those 9 people hanging. In fact, I just posted my first little welcome clip on YouTube. If you’re interested in following along on the video adventure, hop over to my channel and join the 9 other people who have already subscribed.

Look out world, Ashley’s jumping into the world of video!

P.S. Don’t worry, I’ll still be sharing here as well (both written and video posts). Something new every Sunday!

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