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Ashley and Joe

Hello! My name is Ashley and I am super excited that you’re here! I’m a professional hay stacker, fence mender, manure scooper, hoof picker, riding instructor and horse-lover who enjoys sharing my equestrian passion with others.

When I brought my first horse home in 2011, I had a thousand daunting questions pulsing through my mind.

What type of feed should my horse be getting? How many bales of hay do I need to order for the winter?  What type of bit should I use? That first year was a learning curve as I discovered all that goes into keeping a horse healthy and happy.

Over the years, I have watched others go through this learning process as well. That’s where the inspiration for this blog was born.

By sharing my experiences, mistakes, stories and discoveries, I hope to provide you with the tools and inspiration you need to become the best horsekeeper you can be. Throughout future posts, you’ll find horsey tips, tricks and how-tos to help you grow your horsemanship skills.

Whether you are a new horsekeeper, a long-time equestrian or a horse-lover dreaming of the future, I hope the coming pages will be a valuable resource to you.

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