I love thinking about the future. I dream. I ponder. I plan. My mind is constantly analyzing the ways that this moment is impacting my life down the road. I think this is fairly common for us humans, but horses aren’t like that. They live each moment completely and totally present. They aren’t thinking about where they’re going to be, they’re thinking about where they are right now.

What if we, as horsemen, embraced this mindset?

If we lived in the moment, we would notice our horses more. How they are feeling today. Their individual personalities and unique quirks.

If we lived in the moment, we wouldn’t be worried about cramming for an upcoming show. Instead we could objectively observe where we are at right now and focus solely on improving.

If we lived in the moment, we’d be better trainers. Our release would be quicker, our praise more abundant and our ability to see each small try would grow.

I’m not saying that planning and goals are bad. You have to know where you want to go in order to get there. But perhaps we would progress even faster if we kept our eyes on today’s task instead of constantly peering into the distance.

So today, I’m going to be more like my horse. I won’t let the future distract me from the here and now. I resolve to live in the moment.

Today, I will be present.