5 Tips for Buying a Riding Helmet

Riding with a Helmet

All students at Square Root Farms are required to wear a helmet during riding lessons. Although we do provide helmets, it’s best if students own their own protective headgear. When students have their own helmets, they are already adjusted and we don’t have to spend valuable time fitting helmets during lessons.

If you’re thinking of purchasing a helmet, here are 5 quick tips to help you find a solid, safe riding helmet:

1. NEVER Buy Used

Most manufacturers recommend replacing helmets every 5 years and after every single fall. Used helmets may be cheaper, but you don’t know what the helmet has been through. If it has already been in an accident, it’s protective property could be compromised.

2. Go to a Tack Shop

I recommend that you purchase your helmet from a local tack shop, not a big box retailer or online store. Fleet Farm and Tractor Supply Co do carry helmets but they do not normally have knowledgeable staff to help you fit your helmet and choose the best option. You may end up paying a couple dollars more at a horse-specific store, but you’ll get much better customer service and knowledgeable assistance.

My favorite stores in the area for helmets are Dover Saddlery in Medina and Pleasant Hills Saddle Shop in Rogers.

3. Make Sure It’s Adjustable

The cheaper helmets normally lack this very important feature. You want a helmet that can be adjusted, this allows for a much more customized fit.

4. Look in the $40-$60 Range

Helmets range from cheap ($25) to very expensive ($300+). I find that the best value is in the $40-$60 range. These helmets are normally adjustable, comfortable and lightweight.

5. Try It On Before You Buy

Finally, make sure you try it on before you buy. Helmets are like shoes, they have to fit well or they will be very uncomfortable to wear. Try it on, adjust it and make sure it fits before you use it!

Still have questions about choosing a riding helmet? Email me and I’ll be happy to answer them!


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  1. I found it interesting when you said that buying a helmet from a local tack shop will help you get a better customer service and knowledgeable assistance. My sister is interested to try horse riding, and she’s planning to buy a women’s horse riding helmet this week. I’ll advise her to keep this in mind when buying her helmet.

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