I’ll admit – I’m hard on manure forks

Broken Manure Fork

Everybody has talents. One of mine happens to be destroying manure forks. I have broken numerous forks throughout my years of horse ownership…most of them only last a couple months under my care.

Part of the problem is that I am picking manure outdoors on hard, gravel ground (not in plush, deeply bedded stalls). Understandably, piles of frozen, rock-solid manure can do a number to plastic manure fork tines. But still…couldn’t there be a better manure fork out there?

Turns out, there is!

I discovered the Wave Manure Fork by Noble Outfitters at the MN Horse Expo in 2016. The salesperson was convincing. She told me I would not be able to break this fork. It perked my interest, but I was wary – did she realize how hard I was on my manure picking tools?

Still, I decided to purchase the fork and brought it home. It impressed me by lasting all spring and summer. But, could it handle our frigid Minnesota winters? Thankfully, yes!

I am still using the same fork almost 2 years later (definitely a personal record).

Yes, even this girl couldn’t destroy the Wave Fork.

The tines are made of a more flexible material, which means they’ll bend instead of break. All the tines can pop apart. So if one part of the fork does get damaged, you can just replace that single tine. This modular design makes minor repairs a snap (stay tuned, I’ll be posting a video of the only repair I’ve had to make soon).

So if you’re a fellow master manure fork destroyer, try out the Wave Fork. You won’t be disappointed!

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