My Hay Feeding Struggle (and the easy solution)

feeding horses hay

I used to struggle with how to feed hay.

When I brought Joe home (my first horse), I started by just tossing flakes into an empty water trough. But he would grab the hay, toss it onto the ground and proceed to eat it off of the sandy soil. Not being a fan of sand colic, I quickly decided that this was not a good method.

After that, I built a wooden box with a metal grate on the front. I’d put the hay in the box and the Joe would eat through the grate. Problem? The grate holes were too far apart and the hair on the side of his mouth wore off…Yep, not exactly handsome.

I tried other hay feeding methods, but I wasn’t truly happy with a single one.¬†

And that’s when I switched to my current set-up. Basically, there is a small mesh net attached to the top board of my wood fence. The other end of the net is attached to the next board. Because the net is long, this forms a deep pocket for hay to go into with an opening in the back.

To feed, All I have to do is shove a few flakes of hay between the two fence boards into the net. And ta-da! The horses are fed!

There’s very low waste, no need to go into the pen to feed and no struggling trying to fill and hang hay nets.

No more hay feeding struggles for me!

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