Ready to Shop?

Ready to Shop?

Orders are available for pick-up at:

Square Root Farms
23525 Strehler Road
Corcoran, MN 55357

We do not offer delivery or shipping at this time.

When you pre-order, you’ll be able to select your pick-up date(s).

We have 4 poultry pick-up options in 2021:
June Pick-Up (6/24-25)
July Pick-Up (7/29-30)
September Pick-Up (9/2-3)
October Pick-Up (10/7-8)

On the week(s) you select, you have the option of picking-up your order on that Thursday 4:00-8:00pm or Friday 9:00am-4:00pm.

Pre-order deposits are non-refundable.

Yes, we accept credit cards, cash and checks (payable to Square Root Farms).

Yes! Select a pick-up date, the quantity, and add to cart.

Then, select another pick-up date, the quantity, and add to cart again.

Your cart will show what you ordered for each pick-up date.

Your deposit is a flat fee per item to reserve your order. Your total due at pick-up is based on the weight of the actual product minus the deposit you pre-paid.

For example, if you order one whole chicken:

You pay a $5 deposit to reserve your bird.

Whole chickens are $5.00 per pound and average between 4-6 pounds.

If your chicken is 5.5 lbs., the total price is $27.50.

At pick-up you will owe $22.50 ($27.50 price – $5.00 deposit)

Ready to Shop?

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