Leaving Everything Behind

Me and my horse Joe

I think it’s safe to assume that we all have certain things in our lives that we hold extremely close. For me, it’s always been the farm, the animals and the business.

I naturally like to be organized and in control (any other enneagram 1s out there?) and since the farm has always been my passion and my responsibility, I hold onto it tightly. Before this summer, my family rarely did chores and hardly spent any time with the horses. Even as a teen, I was the sole animal caretaker (excluding a few vacations or occasional illnesses). In other words, I had it in my head that I always had to do it all.

As I considered applying for Polyface, my mind ran through all my responsibilities. What about the horses? My lesson students? My dog? The farm? The business I was building? But God was calling me to Polyface – and I really wanted to go!

Still, when I accepted the internship, I knew I’d have to learn how to let go of control and delegate. After gathering a great team, writing instructions and training everyone, I waved goodbye to the horses and headed off to Virginia.

And guess what? It went great! Everyone survived (horses and humans). The farm was well cared for. The team had fun riding while I was away. And my mom even discovered she enjoys chores!

A giant THANK YOU to Mary, Sylvia, Lily, Haylee, Shelley, LeAnn, Mom, Dad and Jake for your hard work this summer. All the life lessons I learned at Polyface would be impossible without the effort you invested.

Yes, I learned a lot being at Polyface, but one of the greatest lessons was learned by simply being away from home. I don’t have to do it all. Letting go of control is good. Having a team is better than going it alone. Micromanagement limits the size of my impact.

Will it take a while for these truths to fully take root in my heart? Probably. But at least the seed has been planted.

As we step into a new decade, I don’t want my desire for control to keep me from opportunities to bless others, delegate responsibilities, or partner with like-minded people.

Have you thought about what you want to focus on in the new year?

See you in 2020!

P.S. My NEW YouTube video is all about how I organized my chore instructions this summer. Check it out if you’re curious how I make barn chores simple and efficient for the farm helpers.

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