Polyface Week 17

Polyface Woods

Monday morning came quick. I didn’t feel very rested after working the weekend, so I knew keeping my energy up throughout the week was going to be a challenge. I started out the day grinding turkey. Any turkeys that aren’t in pristine, thanksgiving center-piece condition are ground up and sold as ground turkey. I love turkey burgers, so I’m planning on implementing this plan on my farm as well. The process is pretty simple. First, we cut the meat off the bones and into inch thick strips. Then, we run the meat through the grinder, bag it into one-pound packages and put it in the freezer.

Tuesday and Wednesday were processing days. More chickens and turkeys. I had the opportunity to gut turkeys for the first time this week. It was very similar to chickens, just bigger and harder. I feel confident in the process and know that I’ll be able to do it on my own at home. I’m looking forward to raising my own thanksgiving turkey next year!

On Thursday, I had the privilege of going on the restaurant delivery run with Grace. I had a blast! There’s so much involved in getting food from the field to the consumer. It was fun to see our product getting into the hands of chefs, entering the doors of local breweries and taking up space on grocery store shelves. There are so many different ways to be involved in the integrity food movement. You don’t have to be a farmer. You could be a chef, meat processor, restaurant owner, small grocery store manager, delivery driver, etc. It’s amazing how many individuals work together to provide families with nourishment! After we made it back from our delivery route, it was time to go bowling. Eric invited the intern team out for a fun night and I enjoyed spending time with everyone. I even bowled my best game ever!

Friday morning came, and I spent time in the gardens and hoop houses picking zucchini, tomatoes and green beans. I took some of the zucchini and tomatoes, sautéed them in a pan with onions and fried some over-easy eggs. It’s my absolute favorite breakfast, especially when I top it with feta cheese! Friday afternoon was rainy, so Joel gave us our third lecture of the year. This time, the topic was margins. We walked through the steps of accounting for expenses, setting prices and evaluating income. It was fun to spend a couple hours focused on structured learning. It made me even more excited to make a business plan for my future enterprises!

This weekend was sorely needed. It was my first weekend free (not working and no visitors) since July 6th/7th! On Friday night, I slept for over 12 hours. Then, I took a trip up the mountain on the farm and spent a few hours in the woods reading my bible, praying and journaling. After that, it was back to the cottage for a 2 hour nap. I wrapped up the day at a coffee shop, enjoying the wi-fi and brainstorming ideas for next year.

On Sunday, I slept in again and then headed into town for my typical Sunday morning blogging/hot chocolate routine. I also plan on talking to friends and family on the phone and just relaxing. My goal is to catch another nap this afternoon, spend a little time reading and head to bed at a decent hour. Hopefully this relaxing weekend sets me up for a great week!

To be bluntly honest, the past week was hard for me. I’m missing home again – this time stronger than ever. As my time here gets closer to being over, I find myself getting more and more excited to get home and get things started on my farm. Most of the other interns are feeling this excitement for the future as well, making it harder to keep enthusiasm up.

I know I still have things to learn in my last five weeks here. I know God has put me here for a reason. I know I need to cherish these final weeks. I have always struggled with being too excited for the next big thing and not valuing the end of the season I’m in. I’m not afraid of change. In fact, I welcome it! But I need to remember to stay in the moment and be thankful for the season I’m in. The next step will come soon enough. My responsibility is to be present in the moment that God has me in right now. During the upcoming week, my goal is to be very cognizant of this.

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